Our rationality has made us slaves and blind.
We are the only race that rationally conceives and knows its place and its time; the only ones who know they are adrift on a raft in the universe and, despite everything, we destroy the raft to which we are clinging.
Among all living species we are the only ones that put forward the survival of the individual to that of the species.
Harmony is the only secret of the universe.
Those few who do not, those who think of others before themselves, who do not feel lost in the universe, who do not fear destiny, those who put a certain madness before reason, those … we call them “heroes”.

M. Marple

I am an old retired woman living in Fiesole (Tuscany) in love with computer programming.

Some old ladies like cooking, others gardening, others knitting; I like this things as well but I love developing (“coding” I would say).

I created this website to start some software projects to share with other developers and try, in my little, to create a better place to live.

Thank you for your visit.
Feel free to contact me at oldauntie@oldauntie.org.
Keep coding and metal on!
Margaret Marple (Old Auntie)