Don’t you (forget about me)

Hi everyone, We haven’t forget you and we are still alive.

We took a short vacation from Ababu just to collect ideas on next steps to be done. It’s a big application and it is not easy to deal with new features.

The next steps will almost involve authentication and inventory management, so as to touch on fundamental aspects of the software.

Afterwards, we will probably procede towards localization, since the platform is based upon UK standards only and it need to be localized to other countries. This is a very tough job: for example, not all the medicines’ commercial names are the same all over the world; similarly, we need to translate the list of problems provided by the VeNom codes into different languages and in a worldwide accepted standard at the same time.

Suggestions are welcome as usual. Feel free to contact us for anything that’s in your mind.

Keep coding and metal on.